The NRA’s Dana Loesch Says Brett Kavanaugh Has Been the Victim of ‘Matriarchal Insane Attacks’ by Gillibrand, Harris

National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch struck out at two feminine U.S. senators for “matriarchal insane attacks” over their abortion rights opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s affirmation as a Supreme Court justice.

The vitriolic right-wing NRA spokesperson chastised Democratic senators Kamala Harris of California and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, labeling the 2 “hysterical.” Loesch stated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ought to abandon the “insane” hearings and transfer to carry a direct flooring vote confirming Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Loesch railed towards Gillibrand’s remark that “women are going to die” if Kavanaugh is allowed on the courtroom to dismantle Roe v. Wade.

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National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch lashed out at a number of feminine U.S. senators for “matriarchal insane attacks” over their abortion rights opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS affirmation.
Screenshot: Fox & Friends

“This is insane!” Loesch started on the morning Fox News program. “First off, a sitting senator should not be engaging in these matriarchal insane attacks that I actually find inherently sexist. To sit here and say what Ben Sasse, what he said is sexist, as a woman, I’m telling Senator Gillibrand here that this is a hysterical tweet. This whole tone and this whole argument is hysterical.”

“They act like it’s going to be The Happening 2,” she continued. “Remember that movie with Mark Wahlberg and everybody just drops dead… they act like the moment Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, because he is going to be confirmed, that all women are just going to die in the streets.”

Loesch stated McConnell may silence protests and Democrats on the Judiciary Committee by scheduling a flooring vote. “We want to hear what Kavanaugh has to say, we don’t want to hear Kamala Harris talk and try to get B-roll for her 2020 campaign.”

Earlier this yr, Loesch stated that third-wave feminists have created a “toxic” atmosphere towards younger males and that younger girls ought to “stay in their lane” and be taught to understand males. “I am so tired of this matriarchal witch hunt on young men. There is nothing toxic about masculinity, but there are plenty of toxic things about third-wave feminism and the matriarchy that’s attempting to assert authority and also be the ombudsman over all characteristics and definitions of that which are either masculine or feminine.”

Loesch was particulary angered by Gillibrand’s rebuke to Sasse on Twitter, by which she stated it is “not ‘hysteria’: We’re in a fight for our lives. Sexist attacks wont’ stop us.”

Loesch remarked on Fox News Thursday, “I wish Kristen Gillibrand, I don’t know, would maybe not be so hysterical when you’re tweeting and have a little bit more respect for your audience and not just devolve the argument to this level.”

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