Russian Ship Near Hawaii’s Waters Grabs Military Attention Amid Ukraine War

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, a Russian ship close to Hawaii’s waters has caught the eye of the U.S. navy, reported the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

While Russia continues to invade Ukraine, Russian state TV has more and more mentioned concepts of the conflict increasing past Ukraine’s borders, and on Sunday, authorities introduced they have been monitoring a Russian ship close to Hawaii.

One U.S. Indo-Pacific Command spokeswoman informed Honolulu station KHON2, “U.S. Indo-Pacific Command routinely monitors air and maritime traffic in the Western Pacific to ensure security and stability of the region alongside our Allies and partners.”

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command reported that it was monitoring a Russian vessel close to Hawaii’s waters on Sunday. Here, a patrol boat casts off the border base in Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Mariupol on February 11, 2022.
ALEKSEY FILIPPOV/AFP by way of Getty Images

The spokeswoman continued, “As part of our normal daily operations, we closely track all vessels in the Indo-Pacific area of operations through maritime patrol aircraft, surface ships, and joint capabilities…I can tell you we are monitoring a Russian surface vessel operating in international waters in the vicinity of Hawaii.”

Retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Hal Kempfer informed KHON2 that the Russian ship had caught the navy’s consideration as they proceed to watch the conflict.

“I have no doubt that Indo-PACOM is watching this closely, as are a number of other intelligence organizations trying to figure out exactly what it is,” Kempfer stated. “They’re not just watching the ship they’re watching everything might be connected to and getting some real detail on what it’s doing, why it might be there, who they’re reporting to. All these things go into a fusion process, an analytical process if you will that tells us is this a threat or is it not a threat.”

Russia sending ships close to Hawaii isn’t a brand new maneuver. In May 2021, the U.S. Pacific fleet tracked a Russian auxiliary common intelligence ship known as Kareliya working off the coast of Kauai close to the Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands.

And once more, in June of the identical yr, Russian Navy vessels moved near the coast of Hawaii in a big navy train and have been tracked intently by the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

Beyond the waters close to Hawaii, Russia is struggling to carry onto its dominance within the Black Sea, the place it has laid declare to the waters between Europe and Asia for hundreds of years. Ukraine has been combating Russia within the waters, the place Russian President Vladimir Putin despatched 20 warships in January earlier than launching the invasion into Ukraine.

Michael Petersen, director of the Russia Maritime Studies Institute and an affiliate professor on the U.S. Naval War College, informed Agence France-Presse, “Certainly Russia will be less secure in the Black Sea than they were before the war.”

Newsweek reached out to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and Russia’s Ministry of Defense for remark.

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