Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Leak Prompts Outpour of Abortion Stories

Following the unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court preliminary majority draft opinion to undo Roe v. Wade, Twitter customers shared private tales on how abortion modified lives for the higher and occasions when it was wanted most.

The doc, first obtained by Politico, outlined the potential demise of the landmark 1973 ruling guaranteeing abortion rights. The revelation despatched shockwaves throughout the nation.

Protesters gathered on the fenced-off Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on Monday night time. On social media, the place reproductive rights are on the coronary heart of fervent debates, many Twitter customers in favor of Roe v. Wade weighed in by talking from expertise.

Pro-choice protestors rally at Supreme Court
Pro-choice protesters rally outdoors the U.S. Supreme Court on May 02, 2022 in Washington, D.C.
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

“I was sexually abused by father, got pregnant to him at 17, and had an abortion,” tweeted @JadedAbby. “I left home, went to college, and got my bachelor’s and, eventually, masters in nursing.

“Without the abortion, I’d have been depending on my dad and mom and topic to my father’s continued abuse.”

@Saintsfan5348 wrote: “I used to be gang raped at 18 & had an abortion. I do not remorse my determination. When I used to be 23, I used to be in an abusive relationship after I acquired pregnant. I selected to finish the being pregnant and acquired out of the connection.

“Your religious beliefs rule your life not mine.”

A person who goes by @msleen1970 posted: “If abortion wasn’t legal when I was 14 years old. I would’ve been forced to carry a child when I was [raped] by a member of my own family. Abortion rights is near and dear to my heart and I will fight like hell till the day I die.”

After right-wing YouTuber Mark Dice equated abortion to homicide, Canadian creator Xiran Jay Zhao responded: “What do you have to say to my mom who was pregnant with triplets the whole family was excited for but then one of them turned out to be a cancerous mass that would’ve killed her if she hadn’t had an abortion”

Another person, @Joyjoysilva, shared a harrowing household story.

“I’ve NEVER written about this in public but I think now’s the time,” they tweeted.

“In 1963 my 16 yo sister and her boyfriend committed suicide because she got pregnant. There was no access to abortion for a lower middle class young woman, and certainly no birth control yet.”

“They planned it all out and pretended everything was fine, and then one night they didn’t come home,” they continued in a second submit. “My life and family were shattered, nothing was ever the same again. 20 years later my mother followed suit.

“Abortion safety issues, lack of that has penalties.”

In the controversial document, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito called Roe v. Wade “egregiously incorrect from the beginning.”

“[F]ar from bringing a few nationwide settlement of the abortion difficulty, Roe and Casey have enflamed debate and deepened division,” Alito wrote, referring to Planned Parenthood v. Casey, a 1992 case that similarly enshrined abortion rights.

Alito further stated that “a proper to abortion will not be deeply rooted within the Nation’s historical past and traditions.”

“We subsequently maintain that the Constitution doesn’t confer the appropriate to abortion,” the document reads. “Roe and Casey have to be overruled, and the authority to control abortion have to be returned to the individuals and their elected representatives.”

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, reproductive rights teams count on dozens of states will transfer to ban or closely limit entry to abortions.

The Center for Reproductive Rights estimates 24 states would implement such bans or restrictions, whereas the Guttmacher Institute believes a complete of 26 states will achieve this.

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