Rand Paul’s wife is losing her sh*t on Twitter right now over some drag queens she invented in her mind

Rand Paul’s anti-LGBTQ spouse, Kelley, is dropping it on Twitter once more. This time, she’s up early rage-tweeting about imaginary drag queens infiltrating American school rooms.

“You’d think after being shut out of school for nearly two years and having the lowest test scores in decades, American kids would have some catching up to do in the classroom,” 59-year-old Paul tweeted at 6:08 AM this morning. “Instead they’re bringing in the drag queens.”

Of course, she didn’t cite any sources or present any proof or statistics to help her claims (in all probability as a result of she fabricated the entire thing in her thoughts), however that didn’t cease her 100K followers from blindly accepting her tweet as reality and working with it…

Not everybody fell for Kelley’s homophobic B.S., nevertheless…

This is hardly the primary time Mrs. Paul has freaked out on Twitter about what goes on inside American school rooms. And, no, we’re not speaking about mass shootings. We’re speaking about LGBTQ+ individuals.

(Sad reality: There have been seven college shootings, thus far, in 2023. She hasn’t tweeted about any of them.)

Last Transgender Day of Visibility, nevertheless, Paul was so triggered that she fired off a psychotic tweet ranting and raving about Chinese third graders, math, and males having infants.

“Chinese third graders are learning multi-variable calculus. Our third graders are being taught that ‘men can have babies.’ This will not end well,” she warned.

Then there was the time she discovered about an elementary college in Austin, Texas that held a Pride parade for college students and freaked out… one yr after the very fact.

“And the assistant principal expressly told the little kids not to tell their parents what happened in the ‘pride circles’,” Mrs. Paul tweeted a full yr after the occasion passed off.

And earlier this month, she in contrast peaceable Trans Lives Matter protesters in Oklahoma to the armed insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, ensuing within the deaths of 5 individuals, thousands and thousands of {dollars} in damages, and a literal path of human fecal matter all around the polished marble flooring.

“I’ve heard this is a federal crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison and grounds for indefinite pretrial detention,” she tweeted, together with a video of protestors gathered contained in the Oklahoma state capitol constructing.

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