Man Slammed for Telling Wife No Sex Until She Looks ‘More Like Megan Fox’

Machine Gun Kelly might need some competitors relating to his fiancée, Megan Fox.

In a now-viral Reddit submit by an account that has now been suspended, a lady claimed her husband is extra infatuated with actress Megan Fox than his spouse, leading to scarce intimacy between the 2.

If that is not weird sufficient, upon confrontation he responded, “no one turns me on quite like Megan.”

The “True Off My Chest” discussion board submit, which will be considered right here, has gathered the eye of many, being upvoted over 14,000 occasions, with almost 2,000 feedback from perplexed customers.

Fox, an actress and mannequin boasts 20.4 million Instagram followers and 1.3 million followers on Twitter.

The girl claimed she tried to seduce her husband for hours after dinner however ultimately gave up.

However, as quickly as a Megan Fox film started enjoying on the tv after dinner, his temper modified dramatically and he began feeling “hot,” she mentioned.

One baffled consumer mentioned, “I don’t understand how people stay in these relationships.”

The girl continued that despite the fact that she works for lengthy hours and pays the payments for the family, he utterly dismisses her.

To this, a Redditor responded, “Sounds like you have a roommate that doesn’t pay rent.”

Finally, she confronted him and mentioned, “I’ve been trying to get this reaction from you for 10 whole hours!!!” to which she claimed he responded, “what? No one turns me on quite like Megan.”

Megan Fox at the MET Gala
A person was slammed for telling his spouse that he wouldn’t have intercourse along with her till she seemed “more like Megan Fox.” Here, Fox arrives for the 2021 Met Gala on the Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York.
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She mentioned she felt “humiliated and ignored” when he instructed her he would not have intercourse along with her till she began “looking more like Megan,” learn the submit.

One disgusted consumer mentioned, “I hate people that obsess over and fetishize people they have like 0.5% chance of meeting and like 0.001% chance of having them even glance in their direction.”

While others questioned whether or not the lady selected to depart out sure particulars, and questioned why the couple received married if this was the best way she was being handled.

One consumer even went so far as to advise her to contemplate separation, additional elaborating and saying, “this isn’t about being dramatic, it’s about upping your standards about what a loving partnership looks like. You don’t ‘tolerate’ each other, demean each other, or take your relationship for granted.”

In an article printed in Psychology Today, Wendy L. Patrick described how “extra-relational preoccupation detracts from current relational quality. This has been demonstrated to include fascination with and idolization of celebrity figures.”

Patrick suggested {couples} to spend extra time nurturing and growing wholesome, actual relationships, reasonably than fantasizing about unrealistic potential companions.

In response to the feedback from appalled customers, the lady mentioned, “at first I thought he wasn’t being serious!!! I’m definitely not okay with that.”

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