Every Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Trial Witness and What They Said

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which started on April 11, 2022 on the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia, has caught the eye of the general public with a number of sensational revelations being made by witnesses, and by Depp and Heard themselves. On May 5, day 15 of the trial, the courtroom adjourned for a break and will not return once more till Monday, May 16 at 9 a.m.

Reflecting again on the whole lot we have heard to this point, here’s a record of each witness, other than Depp and Heard who’s given testimony through the trial.

1. Christi Dembrowski

The first witness referred to as to the stand by Depp’s authorized crew is Johnny Depp’s sister and private supervisor.

She testified that Depp had sworn to by no means repeat the actions of home violence. Dembrowski claimed Depp needed to conceal from Heard as he had finished from his mom as a baby.

2. Isaac Baruch

An artist and a longtime pal of Depp’s who was a neighbor of Depp and Heard throughout their marriage, Baruch recalled his experiences with the pair.

He claimed that in May 2016, Heard advised him Depp had thrown a telephone at her however after taking a look at her face he noticed no accidents.

3. Brandon Patterson

Baruch described footage of Heard and her sister Whitney laughing and throwing a pretend punch. Depp’s attorneys argued this was to “feign abuse from Depp.” Eastern Columbia Building basic supervisor Patterson appeared by way of video to substantiate the accuracy of the roughly 80 CCTV cameras from the constructing.

4. Gina Deuters

Deuters is the spouse of Depp’s worker Stephen Deuters. Her testimony was finally struck from the file after a social media put up she had posted was shared with the courtroom, regardless of it being from January 2021.

Heard’s pal Eve Barlow had introduced the put up to the eye of the courtroom, however she was then banned by the decide for breaking the courtroom’s no-phone coverage.

5. Kate James

Heard’s former assistant James appeared in a pre-recorded deposition. She described Heard as “belligerent and abusive” and testified that Heard used psychedelic mushrooms, ecstasy and cocaine.

James additionally described Heard as having a “kick-the-dog kind of relationship” along with her personal sister Whitney.

6. Laurel Anderson

Anderson, who was Depp and Heard’s therapist in 2015, claimed that there was “mutual abuse” through the pair’s marriage.

She testified that Depp tried to “de-escalate” the violence greater than Heard however that they each instigated bodily confrontations. Anderson believed Depp, who had by no means been violent with earlier companions, was “triggered” by Heard who she stated began fights to maintain him there, moderately than let him stroll away to “de-escalate” a state of affairs.

7. Dr. David Kipper

Appearing in a pre-recorded deposition, Dr. Kipper testified that he has recognized Depp with various problems together with ADHD, bipolar, insomnia, substance dependence and continual reflux.

He confirmed he’d by no means witnessed violence between Depp and Heard however noticed the aftermath of an incident at a rented home in Australia with blood and damaged glass round the home.

8. Debbie Lloyd

A nurse who works with Dr. Kipper claimed that Heard and Depp’s relationship was “toxic” and claimed Heard would instigate arguments with Depp. She additionally witnessed the aftermath of an incident in Australia in 2015 as she appeared for Depp’s severed finger. She described seeing writing on the partitions and a destroyed tv set.

9. Ben King

Johnny Depp’s home supervisor endured a second that went viral throughout this trial when he was requested a query by Heard’s lawyer, who appeared to object to his personal query.

King took the stand and stated he heard “hysterical sobbing” as he entered the home in Australia in March 2015. He stated he noticed Depp’s physician, Dr. David Kipper, rummaging via the bin searching for Depp’s severed finger. Eventually King discovered the finger and put it on ice.

Ben King
Ben King, a former home supervisor for actor Johnny Depp, testifies within the courtroom on the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, April 25, 2022.
Steve Helber/AFP by way of Getty Images

10. Keenan Wyatt

Wyatt, Depp’s on-set audio technician because the Nineties, arrived as a personality witness for his colleague. Heard had claimed Depp was abusive in the direction of her on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles however Wyatt, who was on the flight, stated he by no means witnessed Depp shout at her. Instead he gave her “the cold shoulder” in accordance with Wyatt.

Keenan Wyatt
Sound engineer Keenan Wyatt testifies throughout a listening to on the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, on April 19, 2022.
Jim Watson/AFP by way of Getty Images

11. Sean Bett

Depp’s safety guard, Bett testified that he had by no means seen the couple be violent in the direction of one another however their relationship did attain the stage of “constant arguing and bickering.” He additionally shared photographs of Depp’s accidents taken in March and December 2015.

12. Travis McGivern

McGivern was a member of Depp’s safety crew and he appeared nearly to testify that he had seen Amber Heard throw a crimson bull can at Depp and hit him within the again. He additionally claimed to have seen Heard spit at Depp.

Travis McGivern
Travis McGivern, safety for Johnny Depp, is seen on a monitor as he testifies remotely within the courtroom on the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 2, 2022.
Steve Helber/AFP by way of Getty Images

13. Tara Roberts

Roberts, who managed Depp’s non-public island, was the primary witness to take the stand after Depp.

She claimed she had by no means seen any indicators of harm on Heard’s head however did as soon as spot Depp with “bruised nose” after Heard threw a can at him and had verbally abused him.

Under cross-examination she recalled a time when Depp had fallen face down out of his hammock. Roberts admits she organized for Depp’s two youngsters to depart the island after that.

14. Melissa Saenz, Tyler Hadden and William Gatlin

Pre-recorded testimony from two LAPD officers, Saenz and Hadden revealed their account of responding to a May 2016 incident on the Eastern Columbia Building involving the couple. Heard had referred to as for the police to answer the scene.

They noticed no signal of harm and could not establish a criminal offense however noticed Heard was “crying” and “red with emotion” however referred to as her “uncooperative.”

Gatlin arrived on the penthouse later that day however solely stayed for 2 minutes, seeing no indicators of harm on Heard.

15. Dr. Shannon Curry

A forensic psychologist employed by Depp’s authorized crew, Dr. Curry refuted Heard’s claims of PTSD stemming from her relationship with Depp. She stated Heard “grossly exaggerated symptoms of PTSD.”

Curry as an alternative recognized Heard with “histrionic and borderline personality disorders.” She defined how this dysfunction was a “predictive factor” in ladies who instigate violence in opposition to their accomplice.

16. Alejandro Romero

Romero, a doorman on the Eastern Columbia Building, made a notable look by way of a pre-recorded video as he vaped and drove via his testimony. At instances his testimony had the jury and Depp laughing. He recalled a time he was requested to examine for an intruder however he believes the scratching on the door which had startled them was only a canine.

Depp watches Romero
Johnny Depp watches a pre-recorded deposition testimony of Alejandro Romero, who seems on a display screen blowing vape smoke out of his nostril, throughout Depp’s defamation trial in opposition to his ex-wife Amber Heard, on the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, on April 27, 2022.
JONATHAN ERNST/POOL/AFP by way of Getty Images

17. Terrence Dougherty

Another pre-recorded video testimony mentioned the formation of the 2018 op-ed written by Heard, which is the point of interest of your entire trial.

Dougherty, the chief working officer of the American Civil Liberties Union stated that his firm had been concerned with “conceiving, drafting, and placing” in The Washington Post. Supposedly the objective was to capitalize on the marketing campaign for the upcoming Aquaman film which Heard was starring in.

18. Jack Whigham

Johnny Depp’s expertise supervisor took the stand to explain how Heard’s op-ed had broken his profession financially.

As a part of his testimony, he revealed what Depp had been paid for his earlier films. This included $8 million for City of Lies, $10 million for Murder on the Orient Express and $13.5 million forFantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald. He additionally revealed how Depp was in negotiations to obtain $22.5 million for Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

19. Richard Marks

The founding father of leisure regulation agency Richard Marks and Associates assessed the injury finished to Depp because of the Washington Post op-ed.

He stated the piece created a “cancel situation” that harmed Depp’s popularity and skill to get work.

Richard Marks
Richard Marks, a Los Angeles-based legal professional, testifies within the courtroom on the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 2, 2022.
Steve Helber/AFP by way of Getty Images

20. Douglas Bania

Bania is the founding principal of an mental property consulting agency. He offered proof on how Depp was perceived within the media and by the general public following home abuse allegations in 2016 and the 2018 op-ed. He referred to as the op-ed “devastating” for Depp’s popularity.

21. Erin Falati

Amber Heard’s former private nurse, Falati appeared by way of a prerecorded video deposition and mentioned Heard’s historical past with nervousness and substance abuse.

Falati testified that Heard advised her of earlier bouts with bipolar dysfunction, attention-deficit dysfunction, consuming problems, nervousness, codependency points and occasional insomnia. She spoke of Heard opening up about her jealousy when away from Depp in 2014 and 2015, and in addition mentioned her drug use at Coachella in May 2016.

Erin Falati
Erin Falati, a former nurse of Amber Heard (L), speaks by way of video convention within the courtroom on the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 3, 2022.
Jim Watson/AFP by way of Getty Images

In December 2015 Falati visited Heard’s residence and famous that Heard had “visible bright red blood appearing at center of lower lip,” because of an altercation with Depp.

22. Michael Spindler

Spindler, a forensic accountant, confirmed his calculations to find out the precise lack of earnings Depp has suffered because of Heard’s actions.

“I concluded that Mr. Depp suffered lost earnings of approximately $40 million dollars,” Spindler stated. He calculated the determine based mostly on Depp’s function in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, its anticipated web earnings and Depp’s roles in non-franchise movies.

Michael Spindler
Michael Spindler, a forensic accountant, testifies within the courtroom on the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 3, 2022.
Jim Watson/AFP by way of Getty Images

23. Laura Wasser

Celebrity divorce lawyer Wasser represented Depp throughout his cut up from Heard. She appeared in a prerecorded video testimony and advised the courtroom in regards to the occasions surrounding Heard submitting a restraining order in opposition to Depp in 2016. Wasser advised the courtroom that earlier than Heard filed for the restraining order, her lawyer had despatched over a letter with calls for from Depp.

Laura Wasser
Actor Johnny Depp (again) watches a pre-recorded deposition testimony of Laura Wasser throughout Depp’s defamation trial in opposition to his ex-wife Amber Heard, on the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, April 27, 2022.
Jonathan Ernst/AFP by way of Getty Images

24. Christian Carino

Another expertise agent, Carino represented Depp and Heard beforehand. He appeared nearly and claimed Heard “spent time” with future boyfriend Elon Musk in 2016 whereas she was attempting to resurrect her relationship with Depp. He learn out texts he’d exchanged with Heard to the courtroom.

25. Edward White

Depp’s enterprise supervisor White additionally took the stand to debate a gathering he had together with his consumer in April 2016 concerning the actor’s funds. The 12 months was “challenging” for Depp and White urged him to dump properties and cut back bills on the time.

He additionally mentioned Herd’s calls for within the divorce proceedings. He claimed they began at $4 million “but her demand continually increased, and then it got worse.” He continued, “The next demand was that all of this consideration be paid to her free of taxation.”

26. Starling Jenkins III

Jenkins is Depp’s private chauffeur and safety guard, and he spoke to the courtroom over a dwell video hyperlink. He recounted a dialog he’d had with Heard in regards to the notorious defecation within the mattress incident.

Jenkins stated whereas within the automotive to Coachella in 2016, the pair “had a conversation pertaining to the surprise she left in [Depp’s] bed.” Jenkins continued that Heard referred to as it “a horrible practical joke gone wrong.”

27. Malcolm Connelly

This Scottish bodyguard had the courtroom laughing together with his testimony. He described Herd and Depp’s relationship to the courtroom and famous the adjustments over time. He claimed Depp went from “happy” to “quiet” whereas Heard grew to become extra “dominant” and “demanding.”

“Amber started to change. Amber started getting a bit more feisty, demanding. I could see that Amber wanted to wear the pants in this relationship. That was pretty obvious,” he stated.

28. Dr. Dawn Hughes

The first individual to be referred to as to the stand as Heard’s crew made their case, Hughes is a board-certified scientific and forensic psychologist. The courtroom had been proven notes that Hughes had made about Heard whereas evaluating her and she or he’d written that “intimate partner violence” triggered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Heard.

She testified that Heard skilled PTSD signs whereas filming Aquaman 2. Her signs included “sweaty palms, heart palpitations and panic attacks” which “interfered with her functioning,” Hughes stated.

During the cross-examination, it was famous that her medical notes referenced James Franco and Elon Musk

Dr. Dawn Hughes
Forensic psychologist Dr. Dawn Hughes, testifies throughout a listening to on the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, on May 3, 2022.
Getty Images

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