Cannibalism Was Driven by Ego, Narcissism or a ‘Perceived Threat of Destruction’ in These 5 Bizarre Cases

From the Hannibal Lecter movie sequence to Cormac McCarthy’s dystopian novel The Road, depictions of cannibalism hang-out the favored creativeness.

Thankfully, in immediately’s world, the observe is extraordinarily uncommon, though this isn’t to say that it has been fully eradicated. Cannibalism nonetheless takes place in a handful of distant indigenous communities the place it varieties a part of conventional rituals, and has even been reported in hunger conditions the place the people concerned had no selection however to eat human flesh to outlive.

In some distinctive circumstances, the observe has been linked to extreme psychological sickness, one thing researchers describe as “pathological cannibalism,” Live Science reported.

Now, a group of scientists has investigated 5 circumstances of pathological cannibalism for a research printed within the Journal of Forensic Science, in an try and forged gentle on the potential motivations behind such unspeakable acts.

Research into this matter is skinny on the bottom, not least as a result of accumulating adequate quantities of information is hard given how uncommon cannibalism is. In addition, it’s usually troublesome to supply goal analyses when wanting into such horrific practices, the researchers say.

Despite these points, the group—led by Sophie Raymond from the Unité pour malades difficiles (UMD) Henri Colin in France—assessed and in contrast the medical information pertaining to 5 pathological cannibalism circumstances involving male sufferers aged between 18 and 36—all of whom had been hospitalized at a safe psychiatric unit within the Parisian suburb of Villejuif over a two-decade lengthy interval.

The sufferers that the researchers centered on fell into two classes: They both suffered from extreme schizophrenia or blended character dysfunction characterised by “sadistic and psychopathic features” linked to a situation (paraphilia) by which people expertise irregular sexual wishes, that usually contain excessive ore harmful actions.

The researchers observe that they’d traumatic upbringings by which they have been abused—sexually or bodily—or have been uncared for by their caregivers, LiveScience reported.

In the circumstances of the three sufferers with schizophrenia, the researchers argued that their acts of cannibalism have been a form of “self-defense” response to a “perceived threat of destruction.” For these sufferers, “survival depends on the annihilation or assimilation of the other,” the authors wrote within the research.

Meanwhile, the researchers conclude that the 2 sufferers with blended character dysfunction have been extra involved with “ego and narcissism.” In these circumstances, they practiced cannibalism to beat extreme underlying points by way of a robust act of violence.

“Feelings of humiliation seem to be the trigger, and both patients assaulted their victims at a time when they suffered a loss of self-esteem,” the researchers wrote of their research.

While the outcomes of the research are intriguing, the authors warn that wider conclusions about cannibalism basically can’t be drawn from this research alone, on condition that it solely offers with a really small variety of excessive circumstances.

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