Amazon Driver Vents About 180-Stop Route in Viral Clip: ‘That’s Why I Quit’

In a now-viral video on TikTok, a purported Amazon supply driver mentioned he was advised to single-handedly ship over 300 packages to 180 totally different stops.

The video was posted to the social media platform final month by Cameron Smiley (@camshaftsmiley), who wrote: “Y’all wonder why your staff is always a revolving door.” It has garnered over 150,000 views and almost 1,200 feedback, many from alleged former Amazon drivers who mentioned the video illustrated why they stop their jobs.

“I just want y’all to witness the pure f**kery that is going on in this damn van,” Smiley mentioned at first of his video. “I don’t know how they [expect] one person to deliver 326 packages [to] 180 stops.”

Smiley will get up from the driving force’s seat to point out viewers the again of his van, which is crammed to the brim with packages.

Tired delivery driver
In a now-viral video on TikTok, a purported Amazon supply driver mentioned he was advised to single-handedly ship over 300 packages to 180 totally different stops.

“Look how many f**king bags,” he mentioned earlier than counting 21 supply luggage filled with bins. “What the hell?”

Smiley went on to say that the job is barely made worse by “nasty” managers.

“And then to make it worse, you have big, musty, nasty attitude MANAGEMENT that kills the environment every time they’re around,” he wrote in his submit’s caption. “I’d name drop but lemme secure my new job first. You can tell how personally unhappy this troll is. Always nasty energy and a nasty attitude.”

Delivery Routes

Of course, Smiley is not the primary Amazon supply driver to complain about his job.

One Amazon worker vowed by no means to ship packages once more after dropping off 314 parcels at one tackle final October.

“That was a tedious process,” the worker, Willy Ngoran, advised Newsweek on the time. “The whole time I was like, ain’t no way I am doing this again.”

According to Insider, Amazon drivers sometimes ship between 170 and 375 packages a day. With so many deliveries to make, some drivers have mentioned they do not all the time have time for toilet breaks and, in consequence, have been pressured to make use of their vans as “improvised bathrooms.”

“Managing proper breaks is impossible because of the extremely high package count and stops, it makes it impossible to pull over to eat, so oftentimes I drive and eat with one hand—it feels very dangerous, especially driving the huge box trucks,” Ryan, a DSP driver, advised Insider. “I’m extremely fed up and mentally broken from my time here. It changed my personality.”

Viewers React

Many of Smiley’s viewers claimed they used to drive for Amazon, and mentioned his video illustrated why they stop.

“Been there!!!! Never again,” Shaun Elliott Willia mentioned.

“And that’s why I quit,” Citrus Tablets wrote.

“EXACT reason I played sick in the middle of my shift & never returned,” NubianQueenDee mentioned.

“I had 300 packages on my first shift, had a co-worker with me that sat in the car and watched me struggle. Drove to Wawa & never came back out,” Sam I Am mentioned.

Fly__matt added: “Nah man I do not miss this s**t.”

Newsweek has reached out to Amazon and Smiley for remark.

Another Viral Amazon Moment

In June, an Amazon supply driver was filmed by accident strolling into somebody’s residence. “I think he thought it was a communal area until he opened it, saw my dog and realized,” mentioned a TikTok consumer named Charlotte, the house’s resident. “I absolutely love his reaction though.”

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