7-Foot Python Bites Woman on Bottom While She Is Sitting on the Toilet

A lady in Thailand has vowed to “check the toilet every time” after being attacked by a six-and-a-half-foot-long python whereas she was sitting on the bathroom on Sunday.

Boonsong Plaikaew, 54, felt a searing ache on her backside and noticed blood pouring down her legs whereas she was on the bathroom at her residence in Samut Prakan, central Thailand.

When she checked together with her hand to see what had brought about the ache, the snake, which had been hiding in the bathroom bowl, bit her on the finger, information.com.au reported.

Plaikaew ran out of the lavatory and screamed for assist, earlier than her husband locked the door behind her.

He known as animal rescuers, who arrived on the couple’s residence accompanied by paramedics, who gave Plaikaew first assist earlier than she was taken to hospital. She was launched later that day.

Pythons will not be venomous however docs gave the girl antibiotics because of the potential threat of an infection from the bites she had suffered.

Speaking from the hospital, Plaikaew stated: “I did not see the snake hiding inside the bowl, so I was just doing my stuff when I was attacked,” Australian web site information.com.au reported.

After the incident, animal rescuers captured the snake chargeable for attacking her and eliminated it from the home in a sack. The animal will later be launched again into the wild.

“From now on, I’ll check the toilet every time before I sit down,” Boonsong stated.

reticulated python
Stock picture: A reticulated python. These snakes are one of many three python species present in Thailand.

It will not be clear what species of snake Plaikaew was bitten by. But Thailand is residence to a few species of python: the reticulated, the Burmese and the Brongersma’s Blood.

The Reticulated python is broadly considered the biggest snake on this planet, with specimens having been recorded which might be greater than 32-feet in size, in keeping with the Australian Reptile Park. The huge snake, which is native to a big swathe of Southeast Asia and South Asia, has been identified to kill and even eat people.

Burmese pythons, in the meantime, are native to Southeast Asia and might develop ups to round 26-feet-long, in keeping with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The snake is a difficult invasive species in Florida, the place it has established a inhabitants that would quantity greater than 300,000 people.

The Brongersma’s Blood python is considerably smaller than the earlier two species, usually rising to round 5-6 toes in size. This python is discovered within the Malay Peninsula, the Indonesian island of Sumatra and different small close by islands.

All pythons kill by constriction, a course of wherein the snakes squeeze their prey to dying earlier than swallowing them entire. While these snakes aren’t venomous, they do have quite a few backwards curving enamel inside their mouths, which assist the serpent to grip onto their prey till it’s incapacitated.

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